Hide images in featured posts

This tutorial will show you, how to hide images in featured posts on the blog home page.


Why should I hide images in featured posts? Well, I always felt, that this theme has a design problem with the slider and the image of the featured post on the blog home page as these two prominent images are always competing. I changed the size of the images for the slider, I changed the image size in the featured post countless times. But no matter how I tweaked the images, there was always this fight to win my eyes favour.

That was the day when I decided to go without any featured image in a single column width right below the slider.

Now what is a featured image? The theme has a functions that you can toggle in „Apperarance/Theme Options“ how many full posts you want to display on the home page. These full posts are also called featured posts and the images in these posts are called featured images.


Yes, I add thumbnails to the post as usual.

This is because when I publish a new post, the „older“ one will probably sit now in a smaller column and a small teaser image should appear.

Hide the image

If you feel to try this on your site as well simply add this code to your CSS:

.blog .onecol .entry-thumbnail {

Hide the attachment

Whenever you have an attachment to your post, like a video file, it will be hidden when you add this to your CSS:

.blog .onecol .entry-attachment {

No matter how many featured posts you decide to display before the grid in the theme options, they all won’t show the featured image or attachment. I decided to have only one of these featured posts because the much smaller images below the featured posts are not competing with the slider images anymore as there is nice a image-gap now between the slider and the smaller images.

But people have different tastes – and that’s a good thing!

I hope you like this tutorial and it was helpful for you.


  1. michiel lubbersmichiel lubbers10-10-2012

    That is indeed visually very much better, AND a clever solution. Thanx, and keep coming with your tutorials !!

  2. AlexanderAlexander12-28-2012

    I’m no longer with the Pinboard theme.

    The tutorials are still accessible but no longer supported.