One of the most asked questions in the support boards of this theme is how to make the slider work. This tutorial is very basic and will hopefully answer your initial questions.


First a short introduction to understand the slider a little bit more: The slider is a feature of this theme which you can use. You can switch it on and off at any time at the Theme Options/General by ticking the option ‘Sticky Posts Slider’ on or off.

The images that feeds the slider always come from featured images of POSTS that you publish, never from static pages. To tell the theme to use a featured image to be shown in the slider, the post of the featured image must be marked as sticky. That’s how it is designed. I will explain later how-to.

Please note, that the sticky post function is used ONLY for the slider and overrides the standard sticky function. That means that your posts will be in a chronological order, no matter if you mark them sticky or not: They will NOT stay on top of your blog as you publish more posts.

If you decide to have a slider on your blog or pages than you have to follow this basic steps:

  • Create a slider/featured image
  • Create a post
  • Add the featured image to the post
  • Mark post sticky
  • Activate the slider

This tutorial describes how to make the slider work on the blog home page. Additionally you can activate the slider on all pages as well. Therefore you need to select the ‘Landingpage’ template where you create/edit the page itself.

Ok, here we go:

Create a slider image AKA featured image

The size of the image for the the slider is determined by two values: the width of your blog (as the slider always takes the full width) and the proportional height. The width of your blog width depends on your choosen layout for the theme. The slider will always reduce or enlarge the image match the width of your blog.

Create a post

The first step is to create a normal post with a standard template.

Add a featured image to the post

Add the featured image in the dedicated “Featured Image” box on the right hand side of the page to this post. That is the image the slider will use.

Mark post sticky

For showing the image in the slider, it must be marked as ‘sticky’. There are actual two ways to do that:

1) When creating or editing the post with an image that you want to be shown in the slider, look for the “Publish” box on the right side, select ‘Edit” at “Public”, and activate the “Stick this post to the front page” checkbox.

2) Or you click “Posts” on your left menu. From there select “Quick-Edit” while hovering on top of the post you want to be sticky. There, on the far right side, you’ll find the “Sticky” checkbox which you need to activate.

Don’t forget to publish your post!

Activate the slider

To activate the slider there is one final step to do: Go to the “Appearance/Theme Options/General”. On the first page scroll down to the section “Home Page” and tick the box for the slider to be shown.

Don’t forget to save the changes at the bottom of the page.

There is more…

By now your slider should work fine and display the featured image. But if you are interested to fine-tune it, here is more information about adjusting the slider and its images:

Adjust slider images and links

I recommend that you first finish this tutorial and make the slider work, before you start fine-tuning it. You can always come back and click for more.

Enjoy your slider !!!